cS’s Giant Fanfic Masterpost of Random Things

Okay so I decided to post the fanfics that I found and love and stuff under a Read More break so that I don’t flood people’s dashboards with fanfiction summaries and comments and links and stuff. So these aren’t really in any particular order (save for roughly the order I saved them in), so I’ll list the pairing and whether it’s a oneshot or chaptered, complete or WIP, sfw or nsfw, and a little summary/comment about it.

There are a lot of fics here, so be warned about that.

Ready? Okay, let’s go.

Battlefield Terra: Johnkat, chaptered, WIP, so far relatively SFW. It’s an AU about Earth fighting against invading Trolls with mechs that are taken after their Lusus, and Karkat gets captured by the group that John is working with and John tries to become friends with the reluctant alien prisoner. Okay so I’m terrible with summaries but this fic is actually really amazing, probably one of my favourite Johnkat fics thus far. Plus it has mechas. I have a soft spot for mechas.

How Karkat Vantas Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Con Air: Johnkat, oneshot, complete, SFW. John and Karkat sit in together for an intense movie night where they talk about their favourite movies together and bawl like babies in the end. It’s gorgeous.

Competitive Sharing: Dave/John and Solkat (and all combinations involving those two), oneshot, complete, NSWF. This was a kink-meme prompt where John and Dave and Sollux and Karkat all decide to swap partners for the evening together due to Sollux and Dave trying to one-up each other. It was based on this fanart which had been a response to another prompt (to which I have no idea who the source was but it sure as hell wasn’t me, if anyone knows the source let me know).

==> Karkat: Flail Your Sickles Around Like A Tool: Karkat/Terezi, oneshot, complete, SFW. A fic that was based around this set of fan art by elanorpam. Karkat turns ballet into combat skills and kicks imp ass while being gracious and elegant as shit about it.

Awake At Night: Gamkar (pale), oneshot, completed, somewhat NSFW, yet mostly SFW. A post-SBURB AU where Gamzee and Karkat are taken in by John and Dad Egbert. Troll custom in this fic is that if an adult troll takes in a younger troll, they’d better make themselves useful however the adult troll wants. When Dad Egbert finds out what that means, they have themselves a bit of a cultural exchange. It’s a nice little fic, I enjoyed it.

Fruity Rumpus Asshole Factory, Concupiscent Frustration Edition: Past!Karkat/Future!Karkat, chaptered, WIP, NSFW. Karkat basically goes through confusing concupiscent feelings with his future selves, some red but mostly black. I’m very sad that this fic isn’t complete (one chapter to completion come on :/), and I’m kinda sad I haven’t come across many other Karkat time shenanigan pairing fics like this one.

The Heir Doth Protest: Gamkar, Johnkat, Chaptered, WIP, NSFW. So Karkat becomes mellowed out for some reason and nobody knows why, so Terezi calls a meeting of the other kids and trolls to figure out what’s changed about Karkat. As John explores, he discovers that Karkat has an… alternate means of anger management.

Karkat: Visit Secret Room: Gamkar (pale), Oneshot, Complete, Sorta NSFW. It’s just some cute fluff with Gamzee and Karkat doing their moirail thing, and even though they end up naked there’s no actual sex involved. Just fluff and a bit of H/C and cuddling.

Pay Attention: Gamkar, Oneshot, Complete, NSFW. Humanstuck AU of Gamzee and Karkat, with Gamzee trying to help Karkat relax. It’s a lot more NSFW than the last fic.

The Pianist on the Subway: John/Dave, Chaptered, WIP, so far SFW (might change idk). An AU where Dave’s a professional musician and discovers one John Egbert, who is playing his soul on a keyboard in the subway for spare change. Hearing the raw talent the boy has, Dave takes John under his wing. So far has good potential and is keeping me entertained.

White and Red: Davekat, Chaptered, WIP, NSFW. Humanstuck AU where Karkat and Dave are both albino, but Dave keeps his albinism hidden and torments Karkat. Karkat eventually discovers Dave’s secret and the two start off a real caliginous relationship together. It’s black romance done right, and done human-verse. I love this fic right now, can’t wait to see it update.

Sleeping with Ghosts: Davesprite/John, oneshot, complete, SFW. Some hurt/comfort with John and Davesprite, the latter of which is worried about being replaced by Alpha Dave and John reassuring him and comforting him.

Lousy Stupid Goddamned Pretty Troll Boy and Not Friends: Both Davekat, Oneshot, complete, NSFW. Not Friends is technically a sequel, but can be read as a standalone. Dave is convinced that the thing he discovers with Karkat is lust and only lust, but that’s not truly the case in this matter. Both are really good fics, and I recommend them together even though they can technically be separate fics.

More than Mutual: Dirk/Jake, oneshot, complete, NSFW. Just some really passionate Dirk/Jake that makes you all warm and fluffy inside owo. That’s all there really is to say on the matter.

Vice: Dave/John, Oneshot, Complete, NSFW. John gets Dave a birthday present, and four months later Dave finally decides to use it.

Silence is Golden: Dave/John, Chaptered, WIP, SFW. Humanstuck high school AU where John is mute after an accident when he was a child, and is bullied for it. Dave is acquainted with John’s bullies, but he eventually takes an interest in the silent boy and tries to learn more about him. It’s really cute seeing Dave try and be this cool guy around John and how it sometimes almost completely backfires on him. It’s just kind of cute.

Practices of Fools: Trickster!John/Dave, Oneshot, Complete, NSFW (bit of a trigger warning). Dave gets a distressing call from John and comes to aid his friend, but discovers it’s all a cruel prank from a cunning trickster. I. Fucking. Love this fanfic. I have a headcanon that the Tricksters are polar opposites of their regular counterparts and incredibly destructive/vindictive to their original selves, trying to replace them and become them (sort of like the Doppelganger story). I love this fic’s portrayal of the Trickster Mode and holy shit does it get intense near the end. My only complaint is that this is just a one-shot; I would have loved to see something with this being a chaptered fic. Speaking of which, does anyone else have any other good Trickster fics out there? I’d love to see more Trickster Mode stuff.

Black Beloved Red: Davekat, Chaptered, WIP, NSFW in the beginning. Dave and Karkat break their Kismesis they had, but both realize they may have had red feelings for each other. Meanwhile, Rose and Kanaya manage to salvage their combined genetic material of their last night together and discover that the Mother Grub produces a viable, live egg with it. I’m not sure where this fic is going right now, but it’s got my interest. I’m eager to see where it goes.

So We Aim And Ignite!: Johnkat, Chaptered, Complete, Kinda sorta NSFW. On their way to meet up with the others on the meteor, John sorts out his feelings he has of Karkat, contemplating his emotions and talking to Nannasprite about them. It’s kind of cute, really, and while it’s rated M it’s actually not that bad. But still, it’s good, and one of the fics I found on tumblr before finding it on AO3.

Wanting: Davekat, Chaptered, Complete, NSFW. Karkat hates Dave, and Dave pretends to hate Karkat to be with him. It’s actually a lot better than that, I’m just a really shitty summary person. It’s really good though, shown from both perspectives.

I’m Home: Erikar, Oneshot, Complete, NSFW. Humanstuck, Eridan is always away from home and Karkat is anxiously awaiting his return. I dunno, I enjoyed the premise of the fic and stuff.

The Guns of Love Disastrous: Davekat, Chaptered, WIP, so far SFW. I really hope the author of this doesn’t abandon this story because I loved the world they crafted. It’s only the first chapter and hell, it’s enticing as hell. But that’s it, just one chapter :/ Very sad about that.

Hemostuck series: So far 2 parts (The Fisher-Prince, and Lost Teeth Like White Jewels), complete, too many pairings to name, Kinda sorta has NSFW bits. I don’t think I’m allowed to make a masterpost like this without having this series on it, and for good reason. It’s freaking amazing, the world is just so fleshed out and so well-done, one of the better stories and worlds I’ve read. Flipping the hemospectrum isn’t a new idea, but this series just does it so damn well.

Pale Like Sugar: Gamkar, Oneshot, Complete, NSFW. Gamzee helps Karkat relax like a good moirail should, but ends up having to go to extremes to get him to calm down. It’s good, I really liked it at least.

Home Is Where The Heart Is: Chaptered, Complete, SFW. The troll kids end up crash-landing on earth and struggle to make a new life on a new planet. There’s also a bit of a murder-mystery with a murderer going around killing trolls as well. This fic kept me entertained for weeks, and I think it’s based on some movie but I don’t really know for sure. It’s a good read though, kept me entertained to the end.

Dating Karkat Vantas: Karezi, Oneshot, Complete, SFW. Humanstuck AU where Terezi dates Karkat and learns about his troubled past. It kept me entertained and I thought the idea was interesting enough to bookmark.

Here We Are At The Start: Solkat, GamTav, Chaptered, WIP, SFW as far as I know. I actually stopped reading this for a while cause I lost track of it on the kink meme, but then I found it again recently on AO3. The prompt was that Karkat was a street rat with little more to his name than the clothes on his back and a violin, which he plays in the streets for money. I actually liked this prompt enough to write a Johnkat drabble with it, but I didn’t think it was decent enough to post here or on AO3. Good fic, I’m currently catching up with it once again.

Passenger Side: Erikar, Oneshot, Complete, NSFW. An AU where Karkat and Eridan are captains in the Imperial Fleet and Karkat gets slipped an aphrodisiac on Eridan’s wriggling day. It’s a very good fic, apparently it was controversial enough to be taken down before? But still, I’m glad it was re-posted and I got to read it, it’s a fantastic fic.

Disaster Management: Davekat, Oneshot, Complete, NSFW. Humanstuck, Dave and Karkat have a very strange relationship but yet it works for the both of them. I love this fic, one of my favourite Davekat fics.

Cultstuck!: Some slight GamKar, Chaptered, WIP, SFW. An AU where Karkat was raised by a secret cult training him to carry on with the work of the Signless. I like the concept of this story, and sure it updates slowly but it’s a really neat world and I enjoy it.

Amateur Palemates Smuttin’ It Up!: Gamkar, Chaptered, Complete, SFW. Despite the name, Gamzee and Karkat’s pale antics are more tame than ‘smutty’, but still, Public Displays of Affection are abundant.

Lock It Up And Leave: Johnkat, Oneshot, Complete, SFW. Karkat is the only troll left alive at the end of the game, and John and the others try to bring life back into him. It’s probably one of the saddest bits of Sadstuck I’ve read for Johnkat.

The Only Recipe For Lasagna You’ll Ever Need: Johnkat, Oneshot, Complete, SFW. A cute little drabble about John and Karkat trying to make a lasagna. It’s really cute and the style is original.

General Vantas Gets Hitched: Johnkat, Chaptered, Complete, NSFW. A fantasy-ish AU with Karkat and John having to marry to form a truce between trolls and humans, but they end up discovering that their feelings for one another run deeper than politics. Sad to see this one end, but it was good while it lasted.

[lyrics go here]: Johnkat, Oneshot, Complete, NSFW. John and Karkat’s first time together, and it’s got all the awkwardness that it could have. I love Fivetail’s work, and I’ll just use this here as a recommendation of any of her fanfics, especially if you’re a Johnkat fan.

Mostly Harmless and Don’t Panic: Johnkat, Chaptered, First Complete, Second WIP, SFW. Karkat ends up stranded on Earth and trapped in an Area 51-esque research lab. John is an intern at said lab and vows to help Karkat and the other trolls escape. Don’t Panic is a spinoff to the completed Mostly Harmless, and details more of John’s efforts to get the trolls out, whereas Mostly Harmless has them already on the run. I really liked this story, I thought it was really well done. Also, I should mention thar Mostly Harmless does have a sequel drabble written by the original author as well.

One Stormy Night: Johnkat, Chaptered, WIP, SFW. A fantasy AU where trolls hunt humans for food and humans live nomadic lives, and John and Karkat have a chance meeting that changes their perceptions of the other race. I’m really sad that this fic isn’t continuing, it was such a good world and such a good set-up. Hopefully it’ll be revived :/

Never Trust A Troll: Johnkat, Chaptered, WIP, SFW. Another Fantasy AU that’s sort of like How To Train Your Dragon, but done Homestuck style. I really wish this hadn’t died either, I loved this story and I wish it continued :/

The Full Sex: Johnkat, Oneshot, Complete, NSFW. Karkat accidentally eats some questionable gushers that John alchemised and John has to help him get through his ‘problem’. This was my first kink meme fic that I read and I still love it today.

In The Quiet Hours: Johnkat, Chaptered, Complete, NSFW. Fantasy AU where trolls can ‘winter’ with humans, bedding with them in exchange for food and shelter. I liked the idea of this fic, I sort of wish it was elaborated more, but it was an interesting world.

Coffee Black: Johnkat, Oneshot, Complete, SFW. Karkat works at a coffee shop and continually hateflirts with John, a repeat customer. It’s a cute little oneshot and I thought it was well put-together.

To the Fourth and Back: Johnkat, Oneshot, Complete, SFW. Sadstuck, Karkat basically living his life out like the Sufferer at the end of the game. Steer clear if you want to avoid the sadfeels, you will get them :C

Love You Hard: Johnkat, Oneshot, Complete, NSFW. Karkat has a thing for being completely dominated in bed by John, and John decides to change things up one night. It’s a very good NSFW fic ~w~

Kiss You Goodnight: Johnkat, Chaptered, WIP, so far SFW. John’s never seen Karkat’s face, even though they’ve had a steady online relationship. So when they finally plan to meet, John gets a surprise when he finds out why Karkat’s been so secretive. It’s a nice little fic, and I thought it was a oneshot until I noticed it had chapters, so yeah.

The Language of Karkat: Johnkat, Chaptered, WIP, SFW. Karkat is mute in this fic, and he and John form a special kind of friendship together. I like this fic, and I hope it updates someday, because I like this little universe.

Foggy: Johnkat, John/Vriska, Chaptered, Complete, SFW. Karkat tries to cope with John and Vriska’s relationship and his own conflicting feelings for John. I had a lot of feels reading this story, it’s a good one and I just realized it’s part of a series. A series where it’s the only story in said series, but it gives me hope to know there could be more coming from this fic.

Romance, East of the River: Johnkat, Solkat, Solradia, Daverezi, Chaptered, WIP, NSFW. Dave takes John out to a strip club for his birthday, and John ends up falling for Karkat, who is employed as a cross-dressing prostitute, and the two endeavor through a series of increasingly unlikely shenanigans to build a new, better life together. I just recently started reading this and I really like it so far, just waiting on it to update soon :3

Unwanted Free Ugly Troll: No real pairing atm, Chaptered, WIP, SFW. An AU where trolls are small little animal-things with human sentience that are adopted as pets. Dave finds one Karkat abandoned in a box out in the rain and takes him home, and has to deal with the struggles of looking after a young troll. This fic is full of so many feels oh my god, it’s just… it’s fucking adorable. I love it. I need more of it owo

Real Men Wear Tights: Johnkat, Chaptered, WIP, NSFW. An AU where John has powers over the wind and super strength and uses them to become a superhero named Heir. Meanwhile he befriends Karkat, the new troll on the block and someone who Heir had actually rescued from a shootout. I like this story not only because the artwork and eye candy are fan-fucking-tastic, but also the character development is amazing and will just get you hooked. This AU is fantastic, easily one of my favourites.

30th-Century Night: Davekat, Oneshot, Complete, NSFW. Post-SBURB, Dave is a hotshot actor or something and Karkat is a poor street kid diving in dumpsters for scraps. Dave brings him home to his penthouse and offers food and a warm bed in exchange for sexy times, but it gets a lot deeper than that. It’s a very solid fic, and a good concept to it. I’d love to see more from this particular AU.

The Family You Choose series: Various, Multiple fics, somewhat NSFW-Ish. Turns out that the one fanfic I suggested, Awake At Night, is part of a series. You should read the rest of these, they’re pretty good.

Joyride: Dave/Karkat/John, Oneshot, Complete, mostly SFW. A oneshot based on this pic and deals with the Ashen quadrant, which is pretty surprising. It’s a good fic, and set in a Western setting!

Dead of Night series: Johnkat, Multiple fics, NSFW. Human!Karkat finds a cold and rain-soaked kid named John on the streets and takes him into his apartment. Little does he realize that John is actually an Incubus. Cue various hijinks involving a relatively naive-yet-kind-of-a-dick Incubus and an exasperated-yet-still-a-virgin Karkat (only that doesn’t stay consistent for long, lol). It’s a fun AU by Zilleniose, so if you’re a fan of her work go check it out.

Before the Dawn series: Johnkat, Multiple fics, NSFW. An AU where Karkat finds John in a slave auction and buys him. Obvious language barrier exists and there is one terrified John, while Karkat tries his best to show that no, he isn’t going to try and kill him or anything. Again, great work by Zilleniose here, I’d highly recommend it.

In Due Time: Kankri/Karkat, Oneshot, Complete, NSFW. Humanstuck Kankri and Karkat are brothers in this one, so be careful if you don’t want to get triggered by the content. Otherwise it’s a really nice fic.

If You’re Dreaming, Are You Dreaming Of Me?: Multiple, Oneshot, Complete, kinda SFW. Karkat accidentally stumbles in on Terezi and Gamzee in the middle of a passionate hatesnog and he gets depressed. He goes into a dream bubble where Kankri helps him deal with said depression. There is also a sequel called I’ve Got Dreams To Remember, which is more NSFW.


This isn’t even all of the fics I’ve read, and that scares me o-o

Well, these are my favourites so far, if I posted all of them I’d be here all night. If you think you have a fic that I might like feel free to recommend it to me, and I’ll see if I read it or not. If you’re curious as to what pairings I might like, just drop me an ask and I’ll let you know my thoughts on the pairing.

I’ll probably keep this around as a masterpost and just add stories onto it for future reference.